Keren and Jonathan's wedding day was blessed with blue skies and ALL the happy tears! Jonny and his groomsmen started the day with some lucky fishing, and in the first five minutes, Jonny caught not one, but TWO fish, which kicked the day off on a good note! There were many special moments shared as the anticipation of the ceremony built, Jonny shared a special and emotional first look with his mom and then it was Keren's turn with her dad - no tears were spared in either! But the real moment everyone was waiting for came when Keren stole Jonny's heart all over again walking down the aisle. Their vows were sincere and sweet, and the ceremony centered around their shared love of God. A special moment during the ceremony was a group "popcorn" prayer - surrounded by friends and family, the couple's marriage was prayed for by each member in "popcorn" fashion. 

Finally it was sealed with a kiss, and it was time to CELEBRATE! The reception was not short of special moments, one being a surprise for the bride from her father. He sat with her going through their family photo album, looking through photos, pulling them out and stating the importance of each memory attached. There were no dry eyes! We snuck out for the most perfect sunset photos and came back for more fun! A truly unique activity that required FULL participation was Víbora de la Mar, the Sea Viper Dance! The bride and groom stood on chairs, her veil draped as a bridge between them, and guests ran through as a "snake" attempting to push the bride and groom off of their chairs!! It truly got every guest involved and laughing! After toasts and time with family and friends, it was time for the most stylish send off in an antique car, where their loved ones waved sparklers in celebration of a beautiful beginning to a Christ-centered marriage. Congratulations to Keren and Jonathan and happy ever after! 

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