It was happenstance when Ari and Ky crossed paths with me in the summer of 2020. They had made a tradition of visiting new places together and chose to hire me as a photographer to commemorate their stay in Chattanooga! They loved our mountains so much that they joked about getting married here one day - to which I OF COURSE told them how much I would love to be their photographer if they did!! That photo session was filled with the most joyful, love filled moments and we truly bonded over creativity and good vibes. 
Little did I know that I would actually get to be their wedding photographer two years (and some months) later at Circle B venue - as witness to one of the most heartfelt and joyful wedding days! Ari and Ky's wedding day was full of special details, and the support from family and friends that travelled from their home in Miami was like a warm hug on this cold day in November. Many happy tears were shed during first looks, walking down the aisle and all moments in between!! 
Upon pronouncement of husband and wife, friends and family truly celebrated wholeheartedly along side the bride and groom, making for a smash hit of a reception as they danced the night away. Ari and Ky truly compliment each other in many ways, making them amazing partners for life, and it was evident in every way! 
Congratulations Ari and Ky! It was an honor to have this full circle moment and witness your love for each other!! To happily ever after...

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