The Loft at Five Gables was the perfect setting for Annie and Brody’s wedding day! It’s combination of classic and modern created a beautiful backdrop for their love story.

There is nothing sweeter than marrying your first love. Annie and Brody are the definition of high school sweet hearts. They knew they were each others’ forever and wasted no time in starting their lives together! The two of them met their junior year of high school, a match made by their criminal justice teacher. Their first date was spent in a Zaxby’s parking lot and was the nontraditional beginning of their love story. 

Upon graduation - they knew they were meant to stay together. Brody took Annie on a forest picnic, where they listened to Taylor Swift while overlooking a bluff. Brody asked her what song she would like to play, and expectedly she picked “You Belong with Me”, and at the moment during the song that says “knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring” - Brody did just that! They got married on their 2 year dating anniversary - sealing their love forever. 

What a gift to find your love so early in life! Family and friends gathered around them with overflowing love and support and the two of them. Congratulations Annie and Brody on your happily ever after! 

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