Janet and Antonio truly met by fate as their own lives began on different parts of the world. Janet came to Chattanooga, TN as a teenage foreign exchange student from China. Her education at Covenant College is what truly began her friendship with Antonio, which turned to affection and love. The two began dating in 2020 and got engaged August of 2021 in happy anticipation of their big day. 
The Venue in Chattanooga, TN was truly the perfect location for their classic and joy filled wedding day. When Antonio and Janet first laid eyes on each other during their first look, it was clear how much they truly adored each other and their excitement for the day was truly infectious! Janet's family was unable to attend the wedding as they still live in China, but they were represented in tradition and details - such as Janet and Antonio changing into their traditional Chinese wedding attire to greet their guests before the ceremony. Her family joined via livestream as the wedding began (peep the sweet photo of Antonio saying hi to them!) and her exchange parents demonstrated their love to Janet as second parents of fate by supporting her throughout the day. 
Golden hour brought a truly special glow to the already glowing couple. We captured some of my favorite images of them during this time before returning to the party for more special moments and meaningful toasts and dancing the night away. Congratulations Janet and Antonio and happily ever after! 

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