Two worlds collided when Rachel and Noah found each other in the same friend group while attending college in Chattanooga, TN. Noah had travelled all the way from Hawaii to attend Southern Adventist University - little did he know he would meet his wife there! 

Rachel and Noah met through mutual friends and hit it off right away. Rachel’s love for the musical artist NF led her to purchase tickets - and she needed someone to go with her so she asked Noah! He of course wanted to attend with her and bought them both matching merch for them to wear together! The rest is history and the two became inseparable.

On the Southern Belle Riverboat, Noah asked Rachel to marry him - it was a perfect day and she couldn’t help but cry for joy. 

Their wedding day was every bit sacred and celebratory - Noah’s father officiated the ceremony and there were many more happy tears shed as the two became one. Clisby Pines Venue was the perfect place to celebrate as they danced the night away with family and friends. They ended the night with a last dance and a joyous send off. 

Congratulations Noah and Rachel on your marriage and happily every after! 


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