Justin and Ashley truly have such a steadfast love story - together for 14 years, two beautiful sons and a bond that is unbreakable. They chose to get married after all this time to celebrate their love together with family and friends. At every step of the way, their day was surrounded by love and family! 
Their wedding took place at Chattanooga's newest wedding venue, Blackberry Ridge. Nestled on top of the mountain in Trenton, GA, over 200 acres of natural beautiful is the perfect spot for a picturesque wedding, and their elegant venue was the perfect compliment to the beautiful landscape. The venue was built with natural light in mind, each room having large windows and perfect lighting for incredible photos! 
Ashley chose to have a special first look with her two boys, Tristan and Asher. Their reaction made us melt! They truly are their mama's biggest hype people and their reactions to seeing her in her wedding dress were priceless. 
But one of the biggest surprises on their wedding day was Ashley adding Justin's first and middle name to her back - next to the names of her sons. She hid it from him until their first look and his reaction was so emotional and touching! So much thought was put into every moment throughout the day! 
It was truly a joy to be apart of Ashley and Justin's wedding day! I know their love story will stand the test of time and it was an honor to witness their love together! 
Congratulations Ashley and Justin - and here is to happily ever after! 

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