Kaitlyn and Grant's wedding day took place on a perfect day in May of 2022 at Black Fox Farms. This idyllic setting was full of charm and beauty, the flowers bursting with bloom and the trees full of twinkle lights. The couple read their vows to one another privately during their first look, shedding joyful tears in anticipation of their lifetime together. Their ceremony was meaningful and full of emotion - Kaitlyn's father participating in the sermon to giveaway his daughter to her new husband. Finally, it was all sealed with a kiss and Kaitlyn and Grant marched out joyfully, sneaking a kiss in the middle! They returned to greet each guest as they exited, sharing hugs and making time for each one. A reception commenced where we shared food made by the groom himself - a delicious variety of pastas. The guests lined up for perfect bubble send off topped off their wedding day and we snuck away to catch the last bit of sunlight for golden hour images - the perfect way for the couple to spend the last moments at their venue together before being sent off to their honeymoon! Congratulations for Grant and Kaitlyn for a perfect wedding and a perfect match! 

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