Capturing family moments in their ever-changing lives, witnessing Kassi and Joe's family blossom, that's the joy of my job! I'm always up for another heartwarming family session, with the little ones and soon-to-be-little ones in their cozy home. I adore using different corners of their space to reflect their daily life and the love they share.
Family sessions aren't about going well or not so well. Parents may resort to bribes (sometimes, it's a lifesaver!), but I see family sessions differently. They're about creating cherished memories, spending quality time, and simply having fun together. Let your kids be kids, and celebrate their unique stage in life! This shift produces the most extraordinary memories you'll treasure for years. That's why I love working with the exuberance of toddlers and kids and encourage parents to embrace their child's playfulness and curiosity. I enjoy guiding families to capture pictures that are both fun and natural!

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